"Hi, I come to play at Val and David's house while Mummy and Daddy are at work. After taking my brother to school we go to meet my friends at toddler group. I like playing on the bikes and with the dolls and pushchairs best and story time is great too. After toddlers we come home for lunch. Sometimes we have baked beans on toast or cottage pie and veg or maybe pasta. I am really starting to enjoy painting and making things so I like to join in with craftwork in the afternoon as well as playing with all the toys. My favourite thing is the water tray out in the garden, although I don't much care for keeping my clothes dry. I usually need my spare clothes when I've finished playing!!! Maybe you'd like to come and play with me. I love making new friends."

Here are some photos of the things I do with Val and David and all my friends:

My favourite...The water tray!
OK, they're not mine....I admit it...
How cute is my brother!
My polar bear (It's made from glue & shaving foam.) Clever eh?
We made flowers!
I've learnt to ride a bike at toddler group :0)
The homemade moon dough is lots of fun....& a bit messy!
I'm not so good at Yoga yet but my friends are pretty impressive!
Our Rainbow Fish pictures.
We painted our pet stones & made them a bed each!
What happens if you mix vinegar and bicarbonate of soda? This kept them entertained for ages!
Guess who!
I'm not the only one who enjoys water play a bit too much!
Show me your teeth...
Do you like our sandpit?
We even have parties.
Home grown potatoes
Looking at bugs!
I'm the doctor
We all planted sunflowers
Messy Play
We've started making pottery too!