Every day while at our house your child will be learning new things. We do not ‘teach’ the children formally, we provide them with opportunities to learn. We plan our week to provide a range of activities specifically aimed at individual children’s needs and interests. I am a big believer in sensory play as this stimulates the children’s cognitive, language, social and emotional, physical and creative development and allows them to explore resources, which they may not usually be given. As with all early years provision (e.g. school nursery) we work in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and activities are linked to this. The pre-school children all have profiles in which we log their development in the various areas of learning. These are:

Physical, Social and Emotional, Communication and language, Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive arts and design & Understanding the world

The first three areas in this list are known as the prime areas which means they are the most important areas on which we concentrate. They are a basis for all other learning. Information about the EYFS can be found on the internet.

Each week we plan the week’s activities. Some activities happen every week like going to toddler groups. Other activities are planned to cover specific areas of learning/development , while others are ‘just for fun’ and learning happens along the way. Learning is not just about knowing your colours or counting to 10. The most important learning for young children is about sharing, making friends, chatting, singing, listening, exploring, experimenting and developing their own character, taste, confidence, independence......

Monday; AM-Visit to sensory room @ Sharston Children’s Centre
             PM-Obstacle course in garden. i-pad puzzle games (played alongside an adult)

Tuesday; AM-Busy Bees Toddler Group @Stanley
             PM-Drawing. Playdough with lolly moulds, bun cases etc.

Wednesday; AM-Acorns Toddler Group @ Wakefield
                 PM-Painting pottery (made last week). Stories & singing.

Thursday; AM-Yoga
               PM-Toddler Group @ Altofts

Friday; AM-Walk in Newmillerdam woods & picnic lunch.
           PM-Play in garden with water tray, sand pit etc.

Along side these planned activities the children have free access to a selection of free-play resources, which are rotated on a weekly basis. This week this initially included cars & garage, hair dressers kit, fishy play tray, marble run (for children old enough), rice play tray, books, pens & paper, play food & dolls. Through the course of the week these toys will be changed or added to according to the children’s wishes and interest. Other age appropriate toys are added or selected by the older children after school.